Forms & Waivers

Coaches, Players, and Members for the Spring 2022 SSSA Season:

  • Games will be played on Sunday's Starting March 20th, from 11am-4pm at Route 66 Park in Arcadia, OK.
  • $50/player, up to 20 people on a team roster.
  • Team registration closes on Saturday April 9th.
  • After the start of the season, newly added players must register 1-week prior to their first game. New players can be added up the time of roster lock, which is the 4th week of play. 

Players will not need to print/sign individual waiver forms. During individual online registration, there will be a check box to indicate you've read and understand all waivers and acknowledgements. However, the team waiver needs to be completed and kept current (meaning that if you add players later in the season, we'll need an update) before they're allowed to be on the field.

Coaches must submit the following to Jane Alsup:

  • Check for team fee ($50 per rostered player or non-player)

Rosters are locked at midnight on the Saturday prior to the 4th week of play.

Please reference our 


2022 RulesNotice.docx

2021 SSSA Softball Safety Guidelines .docx

SSSA By-LawsFeb2022.pdf



for additional information.

Thank you, 

Sooner State Softball Association Board Members of 2022

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