Edmond 66 Park Rules


The Edmond Adult Softball Association puts all players, family and other spectators on notice that underage drinking is not allowed at Bickham Softball Complex and will not be tolerated. THERE IS NO SMOKING OR DRINKING ALLOWED OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES FOR ANYONE INSIDE THE PARK FENCES. This is a City of Edmond ordinance that will be upheld.


The Association will not tolerate fighting of any kind on the property, this includes both inside the complex fence and outside the complex fence in the parking lot, etc. This also includes the situation where a player comments to another player such things as let's take it out to the parking lot. I will whip your *****, wait until our team plays you and see how hurt you get when we slid into etc. These are inappropriate threats.


Profanity, taunting or rude inappropriate unsportsmanlike comments or behavior are prohibited in any of our ASA leagues and after appropriate action by the umpire it is grounds for a player, team and/or spectator to be thrown out of the game if it continues.


All players (those on the current roster as well as any other players) eighteen or under are required by our league to have a parental consent form signed and on file with our office before they will be allowed to play any games.


NO pets will be allowed. This is a City of Edmond ordinance that will be upheld. Please do not bring your pet to the ball field as you will be asked to remove them immediately.


No glass containers should be brought to the ball field at all this includes the parking lot. These are dangerous for patrons of the park as well as the vehicles. Please do not bring glass containers of any kind.


These will no longer be allowed at the park due to City rules and problems experiences in the past couple of years. These are dangerous to other children and patrons at the ballpark. We hope to have some better facilities for the children when we get our new park. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. 

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